About MyEU

Why MyEU?

The UK Government will spend about £809 billion this year, and less than 2% of this goes to the EU.

We wondered what impact that spending was having in the UK, and made this site to find out.

This isn't a complete list — we know that there are data sources and projects we haven't captured yet. Got something that should be on the map? Get in touch.

The myeu team are: John Lees-Miller, Hope Thomas, Kiyana Katebi and Andrew Weeks.

Thanks to Tech for UK and Best for Britain for their support.

Data and Methodology

myeu.uk is open source and powered by open data. Here is a table of all the project funding on the map.

We used data from the following datasets to create myeu.uk:

We use icons from Fontawesome under CC-BY.

What action can I take?

If you're interested in taking action off the back of this dataset, one thing you can do is email your MP to tell them your feelings. Emailing your MP can really help. Contact your MP and tell them how you feel.

Tell your MP

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